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High-performance ECO-KD30 Motorcycle Spotlight headlight enhancing BMW Motorcycle's visibility

Versatile spotlight for all motorcycles

the World’s Most Affordable

(Compared with similar products)

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2.4G Wireless Switch for ecobene Motorcycle Spotlight

Wireless Switch Convenience

Simplified Installation TYPE-C rechargeable 300 days standby time on a single charge

Ecobene Motorcycle Spotlight Lighting Modes

Versatile Lighting Modes

Adapt to any riding condition with three lighting modes - fog light, high beam, and both - providing enhanced visibility and safety

Ecobene Super Bright Motorcycle Spotlight Lighting

Powerful Performance

60W power- our spotlight ensures maximum brightness and clarity, even in the darkest of nights.

4 Flashing Modes of Ecobene Motorcycle Spotlight

Enhanced Safety

Stay safe on the road with four warning modes and an overtaking mode, ensuring you're always visible to other motorists.

ECOBENE motorcycle spotlight installed on various motorcycles

Perfect for Every Ride

Designed to fit all motorcycles, our LED spotlight is versatile and adaptable, ensuring compatibility with your vehicle

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Affordable Excellence

Enjoy premium quality at an affordable price, making our LED spotlight the perfect choice for riders of all budgets

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High-performance, Versatile, Durable, Innovative

Ecobene Motorlight - The Ultimate Innovation in Motorcycle Illumination
Play Video about Ecobene Motorlight - The Ultimate Innovation in Motorcycle Illumination

Hear From Our Customers

with decades of experience in the motorcycle industry


Stong point & Benefit for your product

1) Fitting kit are premium quality. 2) Easy to install with many angle and lot's of style on how to mount. 3) Super bright and good strobe function. 4)High quality of lens. 5) Remote able to charge with type C cable. This is the point we going to promote.


Reviews from Denali Brand Agent

We try to offer to many of my direct target group (Hi-end group). They happy with the body housing design and matterial, which they also happy to pay for as price as I informed them. From my point of view your product are look unique and able to notice right away that different from others. Which positive to me.


Reviews from Distributor

I have tested 8 sets of auxiliary lights from different suppliers and this set is by far my favorite! Both the yellow and white LED's are extremely bright, even and have no flicker whatsoever. It's easy to choose the white, yellow, or both colors simultaneously and it's also easy to keep the lights steady or choose a flashing mode. The white alternating flash is particularly useful because it catches a lot of attention. Great added safety feature! The mounting hardware is pretty good. It's sturdy and simple, easy to adjust. The wireless switch has a mounting bracket that can be used different ways.

All-Weather Spotlight for Motorcycle

IP68 spotlight-Wherever you travel, in any weather, we got your back.

Exquisite Design

CNC precision-machined aviation aluminum body.

Power loss prevention

Smart relay protection: Power loss prevention, battery protection, extended battery life.

Compatible with all motorcycle models

Universal mounting brackets are compatible with all motorcycle models, scooters.

See Our Motorcycle Spotlight In Action

ECOBENE Motorcycle Spotlight Packaging and Accessories Display

  • Spotlight ECO-KD20 *2
  • Lamp body bracket base ( lower/upper part) *2
  • Lamp body bracket mounting dip (lower/upper part) *2
  • Wireless remote *1
  • Wireless remote control holder *1
  • Motorcycle Smart Relay Control Box *1
  • Installation tools and parts

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