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KD20 Universal Motorcycle LED Lights


  • Suitable for electric motorcycles and fuel-powered motorcycles (100CC and above).
  • Fits front forks or crash bars with a diameter of 22-32mm.
  • Suitable for installation on any support structure that can accommodate screw fixation.


  • 2 spotlights & mounting brackets
  • Full wiring harness including intelligent relay.
  • Waterproof wireless handlebar switch which enables you to operate the system without removing your hand from the handlebar.
  • Instruction manual and all mounting hardware.

The ECO-KD20 motorcycle light offers compact dimensions ideal for urban commuting. Featuring a super bright LED light source, it delivers high beam and low beam, providing a total brightness of 6000LM per pair and powered by 60W per pair. With a universal rotation bracket, CNC precision machining, and IP68 waterproof rating, it ensures durability and adaptability to various conditions. Equipped with a smart relay and optical glass lens, it offers reliable performance with a near beam that avoids glare for oncoming vehicles. Additionally, its smart temperature control system enhances safety and longevity, while offering versatile lighting modes and flashing options, including overtaking mode and speaker flash alerts for added visibility and convenience.


Product Model:ECO- KD20

Light Source: Super bright led
Color Temperature: High Beam 6500K-7000K, Low Beam 2800K-3200K
Brightness (High/Low Beam): 6000LM/pair
Power: 60W/pair
Working Voltage: 12-15V
Illumination Distance: >380m
Protection Rating: IP68
Drop Height Protection: 1M
Universal rotation bracket
Product Size: W39*L62.5*H39MM


1. Unique tangent beam pattern prevents blinding oncoming traffic.
2. Wirelss handle bar switch standby time up to 300days.
3. Compact body, easy to hidden
4.CNC precision machining lamp body and parts
5. Multible lighting modes.
6. Optical glass lens.
7. Waterproof rating of IP68
8. Universal rotation bracket.
9. Smart temperature control system 

Lighting mode

1. 3 Lighting modes:
near white light (6000K),
near yellow light (2800K),
near yellow and white light on at the same time 4000K
2. 4 emergency modes:
Alternating yellow and white flashing, left and right white flashing, white light burst flashing, slow yellow flashing.
3. Overtaking mode
4. Speaker flash alerts

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